Current Prescriptions

Your current medications are listed below. External Prescriptions: Medications not managed or prescribed by our physician. ERx was sent to Pharmacy: Your prescription has been electronically routed to the listed pharmacy. RX is Pending: Your refill request has been received by our office and is being processed. Please allow 24-48 hours for an update. Rx was called in: Our office has contacted your pharmacy with instructions for your prescription.

Medication History

Medication Refills

You can submit your medication refill requests below. Refill requests sent through this portal are received electronically by our office and will be handled within 24-48 hours. Urgent medication requests should not be submitted through this online system. The status of your request will be labeled "pending" until it is completely processed. Once processed, you can find an update for the requested medication under the My Medication tab. Click the green "+" button to submit your refill request.

*Please note: It is the policy of our practice that patients be seen by their doctor at least once a year to continue to receive prescriptions. If it has been over a year since your last visit, your request may denied until an appointment is made.

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